Weekly Services

  • Woodwork, Walls and Doors: smudges removed from around light switches, door facings, buttons, etc.
  • Hard Surface Floors: wet mopped

Monthly Services

  • Tile Floors: cleaned, waxed and polished
  • Interior Partition Glass: cleaned
  • Blinds: dusted

Quarterly Services

  • Air Conditioning Vents: vacuum dust and dirt accumulation
  • High Ledges and Molding: dusted with lambs wool duster

On Call Services

  • High Pressure Steaming and Scotchgarding of Carpets
  • Washing of Exterior Plate Glass
    (First Floor only)
  • Etching, Refinishing and Sealing of Floor
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  • Desks, filing cabinets, bookcases, chairs, tables and other office furniture: dusted with dust control treated cloths or other effective tools and left clean and free of dust. Phones, desk files and other desk accessories shall not be moved, but will be dust around them, to insure safety and security. No correspondence or notes shall be moved.
  • Window sills, ledges, moldings, picture frames and low dusting: dusted with dust control treated cloths or other effective tools


  • Waste Receptacles: emptied and resulting debris placed in designated area
  • Desk Ashtrays: emptied and damp wiped clean
  • Sand Urns: sifted, soiled sand emptied and refilled from your stock
  • Plastic Liners: replaced as needed from your stock


  • Entrance Door Glass: cleaned
  • Partition Glass: smudges removed
  • Directory Glass: damp cleaned and wipe


  • Floors: detergent mopped and rinsed.
  • Fixtures: cleaned and sanitized.
  • Mirrors: cleaned
  • Bright Metals: polished
  • Supply Pipes: kept clean.
  • Stall Partitions and Tile Walls: kept clean.
  • Waste Receptacles: emptied, cleaned and sanitized.
  • Towel Tissue and Hand Soap Receptacle: refilled from your stock.
  • Ceiling Vents: cleaned
  • Hard Water and Rust Stains: Use acid bowl cleaner as needed to remove

Floors (Include all Common Areas and Paver Tiles)

  • Hard Surface Floors: swept and/or dust removed with dust control treated mops or other effective tools and left clean and free of dust.
  • Spillages: removed as needed
  • Carpet: vacuumed and hand spot cleaned. Special attention given to corners and edges to remove dust accumulation with regular backpack vacuuming.
  • Entrance Mats: vacuumed and cleaned under.
  • Stairs: swept
  • Floors in common areas and elevator area: mopped; Scrubbed monthly and waxed as needed


  • Drinking Fountains: cleaned and sanitized.
  • Janitor Closets: kept neat and clean.
  • Lights: Use minimum lights while work is in progress.
  • Unusual Occurrences: report any unusual occurrences to the attention of the customer.
  • Coffee Room: damp clean table tops and clean sink and counter.
  • Desk and Counter Tops: damp wipe coffee rings and smudges
  • Elevator Cabs: cleaned and wall s polished daily